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Mesothelioma Exposure in Mesa, Arizona

If you or a loved one resides in Mesa, Arizona, it is important to remember that you only have two years following a mesothelioma diagnosis in which to initiate a lawsuit. If you wait too long, you will be prohibited from pursuing a claim. At the Throneberry Law Group, our attorneys have helped a number of Arizona mesothelioma victims pursue legal action and obtain the compensation that they deserve.

The Rate of Mesothelioma Exposure Accidents in Arizona

Statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that approximately 798 residents of Arizona die from mesothelioma each year. Mesa's Maricopa County is just one location in Arizona that has been determined to have naturally occurring asbestos.

Sites in Mesa where Asbestos Exposure Occurred

There are several locations and industries in Mesa where individuals are known to have been exposed to asbestos. Some of the most common sites where asbestos exposure occurred in Mesa include:

  • Military. Veterans provide a great service to this country. Unfortunately, Williams Air Force Base in Chandler-Mesa is just one of the numerous military locations in Arizona where asbestos exposure occurred. Other locations in Arizona where asbestos exposure occurred are Luke Air Force base and Yuma Marine Corps Air Station. The reason why asbestos was used at these air forces bases is that they were constructed in the 1940s when asbestos was commonly used in a number of materials, including flooring, ceiling tiles, and insulation materials.
  • Mining. During the end of the 1980s, Arizona saw the closure of the last of its asbestos mines. For many years, however, asbestos mines were very common throughout the state. In addition to Mesa, there are also mines located in Ajo, Bisbee, Globe, Jerome, and Morenci. Asbestos was extensively mined during the 20th century, which placed miners at a great risk of being diagnosed with many deadly conditions.
  • Other locations. Because asbestos was used for many years in several locations, the material was placed in a number of other buildings. Some of the other Mesa locations where asbestos is known to have been used are Mezona Auditorium and Desert Samaritan Hospital.

Asbestos Laws in Arizona

Federal regulations established by the EPA dictate the use of asbestos in Arizona. Asbestos issues concerning job sites are controlled by the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health, but this agency does not have control over mining sites. In 2015, Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill designed to increase transparency and improve fairness in asbestos cases. This regulation requires any person who files an asbestos-related lawsuit to sign a sworn statement for all claims in an asbestos case. This regulation, however, created a number of new hurdles for Arizona asbestos victims.

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Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis can be overwhelming, and many people are not certain about what to do afterward. One of the best steps that you can take is to obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney at the Throneberry Law Group, who will remain committed to fighting.

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