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Phoenix & Tucson Mesothelioma Lawyers

We Have Seen too Many Lives Affected by Asbestos-Related Cancer. Throneberry Law Group Gets Mesothelioma Victims Their Day in Court.

The mesothelioma lawyers at Throneberry Law Group are experienced in representing asbestos and mesothelioma victims throughout the Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona area. If you or someone you love has received a mesothelioma diagnosis, we are ready to support you throughout this challenging time.The Throneberry Law Group offers zealous legal representation and compassionate, caring support for families and individuals who are living with a mesothelioma diagnosis. Michael Throneberry, the founder and principal attorney of the Throneberry Law Group, experienced the same difficulties and heartache that many of his clients do when his own father-in-law lost the battle to mesothelioma in 2004. Throneberry Law Group is focused on assisting victims of asbestos exposure and their family members across the entire United States, and helping them receive financial compensation for asbestos related diseases and mesothelioma. In addition to representing our clients legally, we work quickly to help victims of mesothelioma and asbestos cancer get access to life-extending and pain relieving procedures and treatments, and can help you and your family explore caregiver support and other critical resources.

When you receive a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis, your health becomes a top priority. It seems impossible that you can muster the strength to even think about launching the settlement and trial process related to asbestos-related mesothelioma. At Throneberry Law Group, we are here to let you know that you truly are not alone or without solace during this period of your life. Family members and people closest to you are permitted to act on your behalf through court intervention.

One of the most frustrating and devastating aspects of mesothelioma is its ability to be prevented. Companies and manufacturers who expose others to asbestos to save time or money are in the wrong. In some cases, they simply failed to place a warning on the label or place adequate notice at work. Your only option is to recover as much as possible and go after the negligent parties responsible.

If you or a loved one has been affected by mesothelioma, it is important for you to contact a lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Throneberry Law Group are on your side.

Schedule a free case evaluation today by calling (480) 454-6008 or by submitting a message through our online request form.

Phoenix & Tucson Mesothelioma Lawyers Serving Individuals and Families Mesothelioma Survivors

Mesothelioma is one of the most painful causes of cancers. It is caused by improper or unintended exposure to materials and products containing asbestos. The asbestos is lodged in a person’s airways and gets worse with repeated exposure to the contaminant, eventually leading to cancer. The cancer often goes undetected until it is too late. Find out more about how we help mesothelioma survivors.

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

On the job, hazards are more common for certain professions and industries. Many cases of asbestos-related mesothelioma are related to job injuries and repeated exposure. Mesothelioma victims have the right to receive compensation for negligent exposure to valid claims. Pursuing compensation from an old employer or insurance company is highly complex. You don’t have to fight alone. Find out more about how we help workers exposed to asbestos.

Victims Injured by Products

We trust companies to make our most beloved products free and safe from hazard. Historically, that has not always been the case. When asbestos fibers of items enter your lungs, nothing feels more regretful. It’s not your fault, and you can’t go on blaming yourself. Find out more about how we help victims injured through product liability.

Veterans and Military Members

The most honorable men and women of our great nation are people who dedicate their lives to protecting their fellow citizens. Veterans and members of the military have been unknowingly exposing themselves to asbestos contaminants for years. It’s not right. You have dedicated your life to our country, and it’s time that you received something in return. Find out more about how we help veterans and service members.

Survivors of Mesothelioma Victims

There is a sad statistic associated with mesothelioma victims: only seven percent of survivors make it to the five-year remission mark. Surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces after watching their loved one in agony eventually pass to the next life. Wrongful death cases are common alongside mesothelioma cases. You do not have to allow your loved one’s death to have happened in vain. Find out more about how we can help survivors of mesothelioma victims.

An Approach to Legal Services that Works for Mesothelioma Victims and Their Families We Operate on a Contingency Fee Basis

You already have enough to handle from a health care perspective alone. The last thing you need to think about is how you are going to pay for a lawyer. We are pleased to tell you that all of our cases are paid through a contingency fee model. Our lawyers are compensated through a reasonable percentage of your overall settlement. In short, we don’t get paid unless you do. Learn more about our contingency fee arrangements.

You Become Part of Throneberry Law’s Family

We are a close-knit group with a passion for our clients. When you sign the letter of representation, your legal woes are lifted, and it feels like you have a true friend on your side. The delicate nature of your injuries may not permit travel, and we understand. Our team members will travel to you to accommodate your needs and limitations. Learn more about our client-centered approach.

You are Backed by an Aggressive Team of Phoenix & Tucson Mesothelioma Lawyers

Our commitment to your case is fueled by personal experience and a mastery of mesothelioma cases. Throneberry Law Group has attracted some of the nation’s top talent to our legal team, and we are going to put them to work for you. You don’t have to settle for amounts that are unfair. Instead, our aggressive litigators will step up and take your case to trial if necessary.

If your life has been affected by mesothelioma cancer and you live in the Phoenix or Tucson area, the attorneys at Throneberry Law Group can help. A member of our team can schedule a free initial case evaluation with you or someone you trust. Call (480) 454-6008 or send us a message about your case.

Our Practice Areas
Practice Areas - Mesothelioma Mesothelioma

The deadly condition of mesothelioma is caused by asbestos fibers that become lodged in a person’s lungs, heart, or other internal organs. In many situations, the disease is not diagnosed until years or decades after the initial exposure.

Practice Areas - Asbestos Asbestos

For many years, asbestos was used by a number of industries due to the material’s heat- and fire-resistant abilities. Unfortunately, repeat or prolonged exposure to asbestos has since been determined to result in mesothelioma as well as several other deadly medical conditions.

Practice Areas - Veteran Representation Veteran Representation

At the Throneberry Law Group, we recognize the invaluable contribution made by members of the United States military. Unfortunately, asbestos was used for many years by the navy and military, which greatly endangered many veterans.

Practice Areas - Arizona Exposure Arizona Exposure

If you either work or reside in Arizona, there is a good possibility that you at some point have been exposed to asbestos. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that between 1999 to 2015, approximately 798 Arizona residents died from mesothelioma.

Meet Attorney Michael Throneberry

With years of experience practicing commercial litigation, attorney Michael Throneberry decided to focus solely on mesothelioma cases after losing his father-in-law to the condition in 2004. One of the things that makes attorney Throneberry’s representation unique is that he understands firsthand just how traumatic a mesothelioma diagnosis can be. While you or your loved one focuses on recovering from a mesothelioma diagnosis, attorney Throneberry is prepared to fight for the results you deserve.

"My goal is getting clients the best care possible as quickly as possible, and securing rightful compensation for their financial burdens and suffering."

Michael Throneberry
Arizona Mesothelioma Lawyer Blog
Client Reviews
"[Michael] Throneberry gave me a whole new outlook on attorneys! A very caring person who was more concerned with my health than a case. Truly unexpected! He explained possible conditions in english and even found the right doctors in my area. Prepared me for the right questions to ask the doctors so that I can understand my illness better. A great person and a great human being! Thank you" Greg
"Throneberry Law Group support Arizona Veterans!" Scott
"It was the worst time of our lives and one of the hardest decisions ever made. I remember Michael Throneberry driving to meet my grandfather. This was unexpected and so impressive. Michael Throneberry got the results for us! Nothing will bring back our grandfather, but I know he is happy for his family that we’ve received something from him and his years of hard work as a pipefitter." Anonymous
"Thank you for helping us. You have left a lasting impression on our hearts. You have a unique way of making others feel truly cared about. Hope you know how appreciated you are." KRA
Nationwide Support

Each year across the nation, numerous people are diagnosed with mesothelioma, as well as other asbestos-related medical conditions. To make matters worse, many of these diagnoses would never occur but for the negligence of other parties that led to asbestos exposure. At the Throneberry Law Group, we have offices in Arizona, Illinois, and Missouri, and are prepared to travel to wherever is necessary to provide the compensation that victims deserve. During an initial free case evaluation, we will collect the necessary information about your condition and begin an investigation to determine how the exposure occurred. We appreciate that mesothelioma victims often require results quickly, which is why we remain focused on doing whatever possible to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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