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Types of Lay Witnesses That Can Help a Mesothelioma Case

Posted by Michael Throneberry | Apr 26, 2024

After someone develops mesothelioma due to the negligence of another party, they can file a legal claim and seek justice and compensation. Clear, credible testimony can be crucial to validating a mesothelioma claim. There are two main types of witnesses who may be called upon to provide testimony in a mesothelioma case: lay and expert witnesses. Lay witnesses offer testimony based on their observations and experiences. They testify about circumstances, conditions, or events they witnessed or experienced firsthand. On the other hand, expert witnesses offer opinions based on their expertise. These are people with specialized knowledge, training, and expertise in relevant fields. This article focuses on lay witnesses.

Lay witness testimonies can be instrumental in proving a mesothelioma case. From providing insights into conditions that might have caused asbestos exposure to testifying about how the illness has affected the claimant, lay witnesses offer valuable information that can significantly strengthen a claimant's case. Below, we look at some types of lay witnesses that can help a mesothelioma case.

Former Co-Workers

If the claimant suffered asbestos exposure in the workplace, they can highly benefit from inviting former co-workers to testify. Former co-workers can testify to the claimant's exposure in the workplace. They can shed light on the workplace conditions or practices that may have led to asbestos exposure. Former co-workers can testify about the presence of asbestos-contaminated materials, the employer's knowledge of the dangers of asbestos and their failure to warn, and the lack of safety protocols.

Former Managers and Supervisors

Former managers and supervisors can testify about workplace conditions that may have led to asbestos exposure. They can testify about the lack of safety protocols, lack of training, and the employer's failure to take measures to mitigate the dangers of asbestos exposure.

Family Members

Family members are another type of lay witness that can significantly strengthen a mesothelioma claim. Family members can testify about the plaintiff's life before and after the mesothelioma diagnosis. They can help paint a clear picture of how the illness has impacted the claimant's quality of life, including how it has affected their health and daily routines. Family members can describe the emotional toll mesothelioma has had on the plaintiff. Additionally, they can testify about the financial burden of medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses, thus helping quantify economic damages.


Friends of mesothelioma patients can provide valuable testimony. For example, friends who know about the claimant's work history may be able to corroborate claims of occupational asbestos exposure. A friend who spent time in an environment where asbestos exposure may have occurred can testify about the presence of asbestos. Additionally, friends can testify about how mesothelioma has affected the claimant's life, including how it has impacted their health and social life.


Neighbors can testify about how mesothelioma has affected the plaintiff and any changes or limitations they have observed since the claimant was diagnosed.

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