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Colorado State Senate to Take Up Asbestos Claims Bill

Posted by Michael Throneberry | Mar 13, 2018

The Colorado state senate is expected to take up a bill that could potentially have far reaching effects on the rights of mesothelioma cancer victims looking to recover vital compensation to help with their medical treatment and recovery of lost wages. The bill is one of several others passed in state houses across the country under the guise of transparency and expediency, but is really meant to help asbestos companies skirt liability for the harm they have caused.

Introduced by Senate President pro tem Jerry Sonnenberg of Sterling, Colorado, Senate Bill 123 is based on model legislation created by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, a nationwide group of lobbyists funded by insurance companies and defense attorneys. At least 12 states have already passed their version of the Colorado bill and other states with Republican controlled legislatures are expected to try and pass their own.

If passed, Senate Bill 123 would require mesothelioma cancer victims filing lawsuits against solvent entities to disclose whether or not they may have filed any claims with asbestos bankruptcy trusts for the same injuries. Because of the decades-long latency period associated with a mesothelioma diagnosis, many victims must file both civil lawsuits and administrative claims with the asbestos trusts to ensure they hold all negligent parties responsible, whether these entities are still doing business or not.

There are currently almost 60 asbestos bankruptcy trusts created by more than 100 now defunct companies whose products contained asbestos at one point and may be liable for future claims when a victim receives his or her diagnosis. With a combined $25 to $30 billion in all the asbestos bankruptcy trusts, lobbyists for insurance companies often assert that legislation like the one being considered in Colorado is important to ensuring the trusts help as many people as possible.

However, these types of bills are often just another hurdle mesothelioma cancer victims and their attorneys must overcome in order to proceed with litigation with defendants who refuse to take responsibility for creating such deadly products. Sadly, the majority of asbestos cancer plaintiffs pass away within two years of receiving their mesothelioma diagnosis, making time a precious luxury that many cannot afford to waste on ancillary legal proceedings designed to only satisfy the insurance lobby.

With so much on the line, asbestos cancer victims need to make sure they retain an experienced and dedicated mesothelioma lawyer to handle their case and ensure all administrative and civil procedure is followed. Because victims only have one shot at justice, they need to pick the right lawyer for them and their case.

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