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First Talc Asbestos Cancer Lawsuit Trial Underway in Florida

Posted by Michael Throneberry | May 02, 2018

The first talc mesothelioma cancer trial in Florida recently began as both sides delivered their opening statements to the men and women of the jury who will ultimately decide whether the victim in this case finally receives justice. The plaintiff's lawsuit claims he developed malignant mesothelioma from years of exposure to industrial talc products that were contaminated with asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that can be found alongside talc deposits.

According to the asbestos talc lawsuit, the plaintiff suffered from asbestos exposure for years while working Florida Tile Company during the 1970s. Talc is commonly used in a variety of industrial and cosmetic applications, such as the ceramics products the victim routinely worked with during his tenure with the tile company. Other uses for industrial talc include chemical coatings, paper, and plastics and while there have been other lawsuits brought to trial by mesothelioma cancer victims involving industrial talc products, this is believed to be the first of its kind in Florida.

The victim claims that the defendants, which include multiple businesses and chemical companies, knew about the health risks associated with using their products but failed to warn him about the dangers associated. However, only one defendant, Honeywell International, remains as a defendant in the trial as all the others have either been excused from the lawsuit or have settled their own claims with the defendant. The trial is expected to last anywhere from two to three weeks and could set an important precedent for other victims both legally and socially for other cancer victims harmed by the side effects of using industrial talc products contaminated with deadly asbestos fibers.

As with many asbestos companies, the defendant has denied liability in the case and claimed that its products did not contain asbestos nor the particular type of talc fibers found in the victim's lung tissue. Many other mesothelioma cancer victims across the country have filed their own claims alleging they used talc-based products contaminated with asbestos fibers. Those products include talcum powder cosmetics products used by thousands of Americans decades ago before the federal government finally began to regulate asbestos.

Asbestos cancer victims who used talc products have important legal rights to file claims against these cosmetics companies and their suppliers and hold these businesses responsible for the harm they caused through the indifference to public safety. Mesothelioma cancer lawsuits can recover vital compensation for medical treatment to fight the cancer as well as recover lost wages from being unable to work while recovering from the disease. Because strict statute of limitations apply, victims are encouraged to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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