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Does Medical Financial Hardship Increase Mortality Risk for Mesothelioma Survivors?

Posted by Michael Throneberry | May 07, 2022

Being diagnosed with mesothelioma can be devastating. This rare form of cancer that is caused by asbestos exposure is usually considered terminal. Once a diagnosis confirms that a person has mesothelioma, the only way for that person to extend survival is by seeking treatment options, which are quite expensive.

If the only way for a mesothelioma patient to extend survival is by seeking treatment options that are quite expensive, one cannot help but wonder if financial hardship plays a role in mesothelioma survival. So, does financial hardship increase the risk of death among mesothelioma survivors? Well, according to a recent study, cancer survivors, including mesothelioma survivors, with financial hardship, have a higher risk of dying than survivors with no medical financial hardships.

Study Shows That Financial Hardship Increases the Risk of Death Among Mesothelioma Survivors

For the study, researchers identified over 25,000 cancer survivors. All adults aged 65 and older had health insurance coverage through Medicare because of eligibility. On the other hand, younger adults with financial hardships were less likely to have private health insurance. Younger adults below the age of 65 were also more likely to be uninsured. According to the study results, survivors in the two age groups with medical financial hardships had a higher mortality risk than the survivors without medical financial hardships.

Apart from the above results, the study found that adjusting health insurance coverage reduced financial hardship and mortality risk among survivors below 65. However, adjusting health insurance coverage had little effect among cancer survivors aged 65 and older.

According to Dr. Robin Yabroff, the study's lead author, these findings show the need to address financial hardship to ensure cancer survivors don't delay or forgo seeking necessary care because they can't afford it. According to Dr. Yabroff, the findings of this study highlight the importance of health insurance in reducing financial hardship for cancer survivors below the age of 65.

Mesothelioma Survivors Experience Significant Financial Stress

Just as it is with other patients diagnosed with other forms of cancer, patients diagnosed with mesothelioma experience significant financial hardship. Unfortunately, mesothelioma patients struggling under the financial burden of medical expenses are less able to direct their attention to treatment. And if a mesothelioma patient does not seek treatment, it becomes hard for them to fight their illness.

Additionally, financial hardship can increase the risk of death among mesothelioma survivors in other ways, not just when a patient forgoes or delays seeking treatment. Mesothelioma patients who are burdened by medical bills are at a higher risk of becoming depressed. While depression is common after a mesothelioma diagnosis, having financial hardship increases the chances of depression.

Fortunately, individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma have a financial resource they can turn to. Mesothelioma patients can recover compensation for their illness from the companies that negligently exposed them to asbestos.

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