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Surprising Reasons to File a Mesothelioma Claim

Posted by Michael Throneberry | Jun 20, 2023

The unforeseen costs of a mesothelioma diagnosis can cause patients and their families extreme financial hardship. Mesothelioma treatment can be expensive. Additionally, mesothelioma patients and their families face a lot of unexpected losses and out-of-pocket expenses. Fortunately, after a mesothelioma diagnosis, a patient may have the right to file a claim and recover financial compensation. If the asbestos exposure that caused the illness occurred because of the negligence of an individual or entity, the patient can file a mesothelioma claim and obtain compensation from the negligent party.

This article discusses four unexpected expenses a mesothelioma patient can be reimbursed for.

  1. Experimental Procedures and Medications

Some insurance plans refuse to pay for certain treatments. Specifically, some insurance plans do not pay for experimental procedures and medications. If a doctor recommends newer mesothelioma procedures and medications to a patient, and the patient's insurance plan cannot cover such treatment, one option the patient may have is filing a mesothelioma claim. A mesothelioma claim can help a patient recover money they can use to get the treatment they need to survive.

  1. Travel and Transportation

Mesothelioma is a rare disease. Because of this, there are not many mesothelioma specialists. This means that a patient may need to travel far to get treatment. Some patients even need to travel out of state. In the United States, health insurance generally does not cover travel and transport expenses. A mesothelioma claim can help a patient pay for their travel and transport expenses.

  1. Lost Income

Some mesothelioma patients need to take time off work to recover. If a patient takes time off work for medical treatment, they can experience a significant loss of income. Filing a mesothelioma claim can help compensate patients and their families for lost wages.

  1. Living Expenses

After a mesothelioma diagnosis, a patient may have trouble paying for basic living expenses. Indeed, a patient may have retirement funds or other savings they can use to cater for their living expenses, but if they had to take out money to pay for treatment, these funds might not be enough. It might get even tougher if the patient must make special dietary changes. A mesothelioma claim can help ease the burden.

Types of Mesothelioma Claims

After being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a patient can file an asbestos trust fund claim or a personal injury claim. However, a mesothelioma personal injury claim can secure more compensation for a victim and their family than a trust fund claim. That said, mesothelioma patients considering filing a legal claim should consult a skilled attorney. An attorney can advise on which option is best and help with the filing of the claim. Additionally, attorneys are skilled at fighting for the maximum compensation possible.

Arizona Mesothelioma Lawyers

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