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Travel Tips for Mesothelioma Patients

Posted by Michael Throneberry | Dec 26, 2023

Choosing whether or not to travel can be hard for a mesothelioma patient as sometimes it is unsafe for mesothelioma patients to travel. Mesothelioma patients are considered immunocompromised. When someone is referred to as immunocompromised, their immune system is suppressed or weakened. It means it is easier for them to get sick. The presence of cancer in a mesothelioma patient's body and the aggressive treatments can result in them being immunocompromised. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can suppress a mesothelioma patient's immune system, making it easier for them to get sick. Additionally, traveling on an airplane itself can affect the body's ability to fight infections. For instance, the low oxygen levels in a plane can pose a danger to someone who has recently undergone certain mesothelioma treatments. However, all this is not to say that mesothelioma patients cannot travel or should avoid traveling. Every mesothelioma patient is different, and some can travel without any problem. Patients should check with their doctor to determine if it is safe for them to travel.

If, after checking with their doctor, a mesothelioma patient finds that they can travel, there are some steps they can take to ensure they are safe while traveling. Below are some of these steps;

1. Listening to the Doctor's Advice

After a mesothelioma patient informs their doctor of their travel plans and gets a go-ahead to travel, their doctor will share advice that can help ensure they are safe throughout the trip. Listening to this advice attentively and writing notes if necessary is crucial. Patients must remember that their doctor understands their situation and what's best for them.

2. Get Their Medical Records

Mesothelioma patients who decide to travel should ensure they get a copy of their medical records. Traveling with a copy of medical records can be beneficial in an emergency. Some hospitals may be unable to access digital medical records from other medical institutions. Patients should also ensure they carry a note from their doctor explaining their condition.

3. Carry Medication

Before setting off on a trip, a mesothelioma patient should ensure they have enough medications to last them for the entire duration of their trip. When traveling with medications on a plane, it is a good idea to contact the airline in advance to confirm whether there will be issues with taking the medications or equipment on the aircraft. It is also a good idea to carry prescriptions and a note from a doctor explaining the medications.

4. Rest During the Trip

Rest is vital for mesothelioma patients. Rest can help the body recover from aggressive treatments. It allows the body to focus its energy on healing. Enough rest is crucial for a strong immune system. Therefore, when traveling, it is important for mesothelioma patients to get enough rest.

5. Avoid Exposure to Infections or Illnesses

Finally, mesothelioma patients should do their best to avoid exposure to infections or illnesses while traveling. For example, patients should avoid crowded places and practice good hygiene.

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